Dealing with Depression

It is said that a chemical imbalance in your brain can result in depression which might relate to diet or medications. But this is not always the case.

Too often I have seen family members complaining about depression while they are focusing on everything that is negative in their life. I will then remind them of everything that is positive and this is often uplifting.

I have sometimes said to myself and others that things are never so bad that they couldn’t be ten times worse.

Without exception, life is full of fantastic highs and crushing lows. Many of us can reflect on this.

Whenever you find yourself in that hole you must draw on the highs you have had in the past and anticipate the highs that will for sure come in your future.

As bad as the problems may seem, they always fade away sooner or later.
You must try to focus on the positive things in your life and you will always be happy.

Money has little to do with happiness and it is not a ticket to a happy life.

It is never the measure of the worth or happiness of a person. Life is what you make it.
Sometimes the respect or friendship of others is all you need.

Throughout life we make some good decisions and some bad, we sometimes have good luck and we sometimes have bad.

Where ever life has taken you always try to focus on the positives and you will be happy.