Making Friends

If you meet someone new remember their name. I know this is not always easy to do but they will be impressed if you greet them by their name the next time you meet. People like to talk about themselves. It is just human nature, so be a good listener and they will think you are great.

Throughout my life, I have occasionally run into people that everyone seems to like.
To be that person that everyone likes there is one golden rule, “Never say anything bad about anyone.

This is very difficult to do as it is just human nature to talk about others. Always remember when you are saying something bad about a friend, the person you are talking to will be wondering what you say about them.

Never be afraid to offer a complement.
Often I see something that someone is wearing or something they’ve accomplished that I admire.
A compliment will often make someone’s day and we always like to get a complement.

It is always interesting to watch the different personalities. Some people are interesting to listen to and others not so much so. This often relates to their level of intellect.

It is always interesting to watch leaders emerge. Whenever you join a new group or become part of a group there always tends to be a leader whether it’s intentional or not it is just part of human nature to be drawn to a leader. This is even true in the animal world whether it’s horses or cattle or any other species as soon as you put a few individuals together a leader will emerge.

It is human nature to want to show your friends or neighbour that new car or toy you just bought.
In most cases they will politely appear interested and happy for you but with the exception of your Mom and Dad they are probably resentful and jealous.

Understanding how others think will help you through your decisions in life.