Our Legacy

In 1983, local volunteers shared their stories and photographs to put together a History Book called “Our Legacy Smoky Lake” – an excellent book of stories and pictures of the settlers in and around Smoky Lake. The printed version is no longer available. The Smoky Lake Museum contacted me to see if I had a way to reproduce this book in a digital format. I scanned all of the pages and generated a PDF version of the book. I designed the cover and DVD art and arranged for delivery of multiple copies. They are now offered for sale by the Museum.

Other Services

Bitmap to vector

Almost all of the imagery you find on the Internet today it’s made up of bitmap art which is basically tiny pixels. When you try to enlarge such an image like a logo the image becomes blurry. The solution to this problem is to digitize the Art. This is done through programs like adobe illustrator which allow a designer to bring the original art in as a pattern and trace it into mathematical lines and arcs to create a vector version of that image. Once the image is converted to vector art it can be enlarged to any size and maintain a crisp clean line definition. The image on the right demonstrates the difference between bitmap art and vector art.


Pumpkin Pet

After developing a new logo for the Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fair. I felt there was a need for a cartoon character to further embellish a Pumpkin theme. I developed multiple characters including Pumpkin Pete and Pumpkin Patty. I included multiple versions for use in brochures and flyers and posters.

Gif Animation

A small animation can add interest to a site and as part of my marketing strategy for the Smoky Lake Pumpkin Fair I thought it might be appropriate to incorporate our new cartoon character in the town of Smoky lake logo.

Note: The animation is set to cycle three time on page load. You may need to refresh the page to generate the animation.