Home Security

Home security no longer needs to be a high installation cost along with an expensive month to month premium. Over the years I have always felt the need for some kind of home security but dreaded the thought of having an alarm go off at 2 o’clock in the morning indicating somebody has opened a window. Fortunately, that has never happened however I have been one hour away from home and received a notification that my home alarm has been triggered. Nine times out of 10 it is a false alarm and I have known of some people who end up paying fines for too many false alarms.

It would be nice to pick up your phone and see what is going on and deal with the alarm where ever you are. Even if you are in another country.

I think it would be much better if you are notified as soon as someone steps on to your property. Then you get a message on your phone giving you the ability to communicate with the intruder if they have not already left.

There are several products on the market today that can easily solve this problem.
Just over a year ago I bought a Ring Doorbell for just under $200.
It was very easy to set up and they provide a very inexpensive cloud storage recording all of the activity within the sensors range.

Now I can see who is at my front door and communicate with them without the need to open the door. Or I can be in another city and talk to them, leading them to believe I am still at home.

They have a slightly more expensive model that includes floodlights that are triggered on sensing motion. So if someone steps on to your property the floodlights snap on and you are notified via your Phone. You then have the ability to communicate with that intruder if they have not already left.

I am not writing this article to endorse any product I am simply sharing some of my personal experiences. If you are interested I encourage you to search YouTube for doorbell security systems and draw your own conclusions.

One more thing!
Most of us have a panic button on our car keychain.
I have often considered this a nuisance as I accidentally set it off and struggle to quickly disengage it. However, this might be one of the biggest assets you have when it comes to discouraging an intruder. For example, if you hear a noise outside or your security system has alerted you to someone on your property, activating the panic button on your car would quickly discourage an intruder and if you have two cars they will be in full panic mode.

I hope the above will help you if you ever want to consider home security.

Ed Boothman