Space Travel

if you ever want to understand our place in the universe you need to follow Steven Hawking. Among other things, he has created several documentaries on the vastness of outer space.

It is absolutely amazing. We are a tiny spec in a galaxy that is a tiny speck in the vastness of space including many millions of galaxies.

I have often thought of mankind finding that Earth-like planet and migrating to it like a new world. Because we are the product of our environment, we may have some surprises moving into an environment we have not evolved in. It has taken us thousands of years to become the species we are today. There may be gasses, bugs, or viruses that we have no resistance to, not to mention other species that may not welcome us.

The solution might be technology. Technology has exploded over the last twenty years. You can now, put on a headset and tour a building or play an interactive game. Imagine where that will be in another ten or twenty years. How about going anywhere in the world from your living room with a headset that gives you a 360 view of everything including smell. This leads me to my hypothesis on aliens.

I have no doubt there are aliens out there and their technology could be thousands of years ahead of us. Like us, they will be a product of their environment and have no need to risk their lives traveling to other worlds. With technology thousands of years ahead of us, they would simply develop androids to look after the needed exploration ensuring minimal risk to themselves.

I am not sure we should believe every book we read on alien encounters.

However, there was a story I read about an alien autopsy that suggested they had no digestive or reproductive organs. That would fall into an android category for me.

Imagine where the technology could be a thousand years from now.
How about a space probe that is the size of a golf ball with the ability to make itself invisible.
It might even have the ability to travel faster than the speed of light.

It could travel to other worlds and we can watch from our living rooms.

Yes I know this sounds ridiculous, however, I am sure if someone told Christopher Columbus, man would someday walk on the moon he would’ve laughed at them.

Sometimes an understanding of the past will give you a window into the future.